LATANE / lah-tan-gne / means “WEALTH” in Senoufo, our founder’s native language. She believes that our body is as precious as our mind and want her skincare line to offer a wealth of natural ingredients to nourish our skin. 

Our skincare line is vegan, cruelty free and made with ingredients that will protect and boost the skin's well-being. Because of our love for our origins and for Africa, our line contains some of the most sought-after and effective African butters, oils and plants.

LATANE’s mission is to develop a line of accessible luxury skincare products made with ingredients derived from nature but also some man-made ingredients that have been clinically proven to be efficient, extra safe and in harmony with the skin. We also commit to integrating and championing carefully picked African butters, oils and plants that will cater to and nourish all skin types.
We value people first, that is why we are committed to putting your well-being in the forefront of our mission. LATANE is our humble take on modern skincare luxury. And by luxury, we mean inclusive luxury. We want people to be able to afford our skincare line while being assured that they are nourishing their skin with safe and potent ingredients.

The beauty industry has often put a high price on products that are far from good for the skin and/or health. Our skincare line is infused with luxe ingredients on the active level. Just read the list of our ingredients.

Our vision is to see people, no matter their gender, skin type or complexion, integrate our products in their daily skincare routine, and become confident in their natural skin. We envision our line of good for you luxe ingredients skincare helping people feel happy and content in their own skin.